Vol 2, No 2 (2010: Sustainable E-Participation

Guest Editors: Rolf Luehrs and Francesco Molinari.
Table of Contents Editorial Editorial Note: Sustainable E-Participation Rolf Lührs, Francesco Molinari.
Invited Papers European eParticipation developments: from ad hoc experiences towards mass scale engagement Mechthild Rohen, Thanassis Chrissafis.
A community of fans, friends and power-users Hille Hinsberg Transforming Government’s Policy-making.
Processes Paul Johnston Scientific Research Papers Sustainable E-Participation through participatory experiences in education Ursula Maier-Rabler, Stefan Huber To “e-” or not to “e-”: Re-locating innovation in “electronic” decision-making Ben Li Procedures and Methods for Cross-community Online Deliberation Cyril Velikanov Case Studies Pathways and Obstacles to eParticipation at the European level Romain Badouard E-democracy remixed: Learning from the BBC’s Action Network and the shift from a static commons to a participatory multiplex Alfred Hermida E-Voting and the Creation of Trust for the Socially Marginalized Citizens in Brazil Jose Rodrigues Filho