Urbanomic is a publisher and arts organization based in the UK. Our aims are:
– to promote research activities that address crucial issues in contemporary philosophy and science and their relation to contemporary art practice.
– to present to the public the results of that research, and an insight into the research process itself.
– to engender interdisciplinary thinking and production.
Over the last few decades, conceptual and post-conceptual art has tended to colonise the space of philosophy, whilst philosophy has retreated into academic isolation, and the sciences have continued to become more specialized and inaccessible. Urbanomic proposes a renegotiation of the relationship between philosophy science and art, on the model of an interrupted relay in which thinkers offer their conceptual resources for reflection on artists’ practice, and artists in turn develop and synthesise them in unforeseen ways, stimulating a productive and unpredictable cycle of «research and development» subordinated neither to the norms of academic thinking nor to the mainstream discourses of art criticism.
The activities of Urbanomic include:
– Publication of the journal Collapse: Journal of Philosophical Research and Development. Each themed volume of this internationally-recognised journal brings together new work by, and in-depth interviews with, contemporary artists, philosophers and scientists who are leaders in their fields, developing through this cross-fertilisation new and productive inquiry at the forefront of current cultural, political and philosophical debate. Since 2006 six volumes have been published, and the journal has an uniquely varied international readership.
– Curation, at our project space (Falmouth, UK) and elsewhere, of ideas-led events which further develop this programme, encouraging public engagement with advanced contemporary art and thought. The events are designed as provocations that seek to challenge stereotypes of art, science and philosophy, and how they might intersect and interact.
– Publication of monographs documenting and developing the projects initiated by Urbanomic, and publication of new work in contemporary philosophy.

LINK: http://urbanomic.com