Tercer Volumen de la revista International Journal of Digital Television

Intellect is delighted to announce the publication of the third issue of International Journal of Digital Television.

Articles in this issue explore the issues surrounding the rolling out of digital television in Spain and Latin America, analysing political and economic aspects. Other articles explore the challenge of introducing terrestrial HD to the UK, as well as factors affecting the diffusion of 3D television in the USA.

Also included are commentaries on the progress of the digital switchover in New Zealand, Korea and Slovakia; an interview with the International Telecommunication Union; and conference reports on the National Association of Broadcasters show and the International Institute of Communications’ Telecommunications and Media forum.

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Authors:  Michael Starks
Page Start: 269

The UK’s Freeview HD dilemma and the DVB-T2 solution
Authors:  Martin L Bell
Page Start: 273

Digital terrestrial television roll-out policies in Spain and the changing television scene in the context of analogue switch-off
Authors: Isabel Fernández Alonso and María-Jesús Díaz-González
Page Start: 289

Digital TV in 3D: a passing fad or the next step in the evolution of digital television?
Authors:  Peter B Seel
Page Start: 309

The introduction of DTT in Latin America: politics and policies
Authors: María Trinidad García Leiva
Page Start: 327

The progress to digital television in New Zealand: an update
Authors:  Paul Norris
Page Start: 345

Digital switchover of terrestrial broadcasting in Korea: legal background and major policy issues
Authors:  Jung In-Sook
Page Start: 351

Digitalization of TV broadcasting in Slovakia
Authors:  Lucia Barmošová 
Page Start: 361

International Telecommunication Union
Authors:  Sami Al Basheer Al Morshid
Page Start: 367

Television beyond switchover: report from the NAB Show, United States
Authors:  Michael Starks
Page Start: 373

Building the digital economy in Asia future directions and policies Reflections on the International Institute of Communications’ Telecommunications and Media Forum, Hong Kong, 910 June 2010
Authors:  Giles Tanner
Page Start: 379

Authors:  Michael Starks and Trisha Dunleavy
Page Start: 383

Principal Editor Michael Starks Oxford University, UK; Associate Editors Jeffrey A. Hart Indiana University, USA; Jock Given Swinburne University, Australia; Books Editor Petros Iosifidis City University London, UK