Studies in Europe on children’s use of internet and mobile technologies

Innovative approaches for investigating how children understand risk in new media:

* Guidance for researchers on balancing methodological innovation with an ethical approach to research with and about children and their online risky experiences.
* Offers fresh perspectives on research designs, especially those that enable children’s participation.
* Examines how the ethical principles of beneficence, protection and participation can optimise research conduct.
* Illustrates the key points with detailed examples of innovative qualitative studies from EU Kids Online.

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European evidence database, fully searchable, with information about 1200 recently conducted studies in Europe on children’s use of internet and mobile technologies; and including summaries of the findings of the 500 key studies.

* Report on Children’s use of online technologies in Europe explains what is in the database, and identifies key research trends and pressing research gaps.
* Our online Frequently Asked Questions share best practice about research design, sampling and recruitment, methods of data collection, data analysis and reporting.

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