Special Issue on «Occupy Movements and the Indignant Figure»

We are pleased to announce that the Interuniversity Institute of Social Development and Peace (IUDESP) of the Universitat Jaume I in Castellón (Spain) has edited the last issue of Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice (vol. 25, number 3) with a symposium on “Occupy Movements and the Indignant Figure”.

This special issue springs out of the 2011 social movements and it aims to conceptualize one relatively novel figure in the struggle for social change: the “indignant.” All articles contribute to transdisciplinary conversations among fields such as communication, sociology, psychology, philosophy, cultural studies, gender studies, and education.

The complete issue of the journal is available on:


The IUDESP is currently focused on the research project Evaluación e indicadores de sensibilidad moral en la comunicación actual de los movimientos sociales [Evaluation model and indicators of moral sensitivity in the communication of social movements] (CSO2012-34066) funded by the Spanish State Secretary of Research, Development and Innovation.

We would like to encourage colleagues involved in these topics to contact the IUDESP to share opinions and discuss proposals for future collaborations.


Eloísa Nos Aldás,

Director of the IUDESP-Castellón (Spain)