Special issue of Global Media Journal Australia.

Communication Technology and Social Life: Collaboration, Innovation, Conflict and Disorder
1) Guest Editorial:
Tanya Notley, Jonathan Marshall, Juan Francisco Salazar

2) Cyber-BFFs*: Assessing women’s ‘perceived interconnectedness’ in Singapore’s commercial lifestyle blog industry:
Crystal Abidin

3) Phantasms collide: Navigating video-mediated communication in the Swedish workplace:
Rebekah Cupitt

4) Creative interactions and improvable digital objects in cloud-based musical collaboration:
Elaine Lally

5) Self-writing a movement and contesting indigeneity, Being an Aboriginal activist on social media:
Theresa Lynn Petray

6) Death in Space and the Piracy Debate: Negotiating ethics and ontology in Entropia Universe:
Rhian Morgan

7) Online video translation and subtitling: examining emerging practices and their implications for media activism in South East Asia: Tanya Notley, Juan Francisco Salazar, Alexandra Crosby

8) The Mess of Information and the Order of Doubt:
Jonathan Paul Marshall


9) Narrative, Commercial Media and Atenco: Mexican Television Corporations and Political Power:
Socorro Cancino Cifuentes

10) Book Review – The Stalking of Julia Gillard: How the media and Team Rudd brought down the Prime Minister: Myra Gurney

11) Book Review –  Networks of outrage and hope. Social movements in the internet age: Ekaterina Tokareva

12) Book Review – Advertising, the media and globalization: A world in motion Julie Bilby

13) Book Review – Journalism and Conflict in Indonesia: From Reporting Violence to Promoting Peace: Alexandra Wake.