Social Movements and Their Technologies. Wiring Social Change

This book might be of interest to those of you working on radical internet activism and/or community radio. It is based on a rather lengthy study of transactional media-activism (including Latin America and South-East Asia and a bit of Africa), and builds on an unprecedented body of qualitative data build over the years by interviewing community radio practitioners as well as radical techies and hacktivists typically very difficult to reach.

Social Movements and Their Technologies. Wiring Social Change explores the interplay between social movements and their “liberated technologies”. It analyzes the rise of low-power radio stations and radical internet projects (“emancipatory communication practices”) as a political subject, focusing on the sociological and cultural processes at play. It provides an overview of the relationship between social movements and technology and investigates what is behind the communication infrastructure that made possible the main protest events of the past 15 years. In doing so, Stefania Milan illustrates how contemporary social movements organize in order to create autonomous alternatives to communication systems and networks and how they contribute to change the way people communicate in daily life, as well as try to change communication policy from the grassroots.

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