Sentieri Sistemici – dalla Filosofia alla Sistemica alla Tecnoscienza

Por Demetrio P. Errigo,
Preface of E. Laszlo, Postface of A. Pitasi.
Loffredo Editore, University Press, Naples (Italy) 2011, ISBN: 9788875645069 Language: Italian, Pages 406
«Sentieri Sistemici» is the studies and researches work synthesis of half a century of the Author activity in socio-politics, robotics and neural-sciences fields. «Sentieri Sistemici» is an Essay which describes an inner way research to understand what is outside us to arrive to conclude that we are contemporaneously an internal and external world. This Book on «systemic theory» is the description of an alchemic path and so it is tortuous and linear, waving with peaks, tending to the re-discovery of a personal truth moving between science and philosophy twists and turns. That’s in order to know and understand Nature in all its (physic, biological, anthropological) manifestations with the main object to try to manage it. The discovery, or the preliminary certainty, that the «Whole» is necessarily systemic and is the key to read the other self and the self in whatever their manifestations, with wonder and curiosity as research motors to re-discovery an existential sacredness that from always permeates our being for our innate «take care». This Essay is a theoretical, theoretic, experimental, methodological and proposal itinerary researching a new unitary paradigm that considers the Whole as a system which is not speculative but real. It starts in fact with a theoretical and theoric demonstration on physic systems and, developing an organic discussion (derived from personal experimentations, studies and researches among maths, physics, chemistry, biology and technology) arrives to the conclusive consideration that the words «System, Chaos and Complexity» describe in an univocal and unitary way the unique reality of the entire considered real world. And the image on the cover makes this clear. This Essay is just a play of ideas about ideas, of arguing about reasoning, of investigating about the researched, of the present-future about the present-past, and this in diversified fields. And contemporaneously it is a vehicle, a way for conveying an «inter-intra-level» knowledge in which there is no difference between nature and humans sciences, giving to each of them the same dignity through an informative language which becomes a meta-language.
Author: D.P. Errigo Biocyberneticist and Science Philosopher Emeritus President and Co Founder of «World Complexity Science Academy» Co Owner and Editor of «Nuova Atlantide», «Nature e Culture», «New Life» Club of Budapest – Italian Scientific Committee Italian Ex-Parliamentary «Cultural Affairs» Commission website: ;