Putting Knowledge to Work and Letting Information Play: The Center for Digital Discourse and Culture

An e-book produced for the 10th anniversary of the research center at  Virginia Tech, the Center for Digital Discourse and Culture.
The e-book is free in cost, free to copy, free to distribute. The volume  confronts many of the issues in
contemporary academia as it meets the internet and computing in all of  its spheres with many specific contributions on academic publishing, e-research, the history of the center, and related topics.
Available at: http://www.cddc.vt.edu/10th-book/

Contributions to the volume are:

Timothy W. Luke and Jeremy Hunsinger

The Book Unbound: Reconsidering One-Dimensionality in the Internet Age
Ben Agger

Fluid Notes on Liquid Books
Gary Hall

What Can Technology Teach Us about Texts? (and Texts about Technology?)
Jean-Claude Guedon

Open Works, Open Cultures, and Open Learning Systems
Michael A. Peters

Textscapes and Landscapes: A Settler Poet Goes On-Line
Brian Opie

Reweaving the World: The Web as Digital Discourse and Culture
Timothy W. Luke

Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Progress, Issues, and Prospects
Edward A. Fox, Gail McMillan, and Venkat Srinivasan

 From gunny sacks to mattress vine: notes on Douglas Engelbart, Tim
O’Reilly, and the natural world
Sue Thomas

The Pleasures of Collaboration
Thom Swiss

Info-Citizens: Democracy, Expertise and Ownership in European Research
Timothy W. Luke and Jeremy Hunsinger

The New River: Collected Editors’ Notes
Ed Falco, et al.

On the Origins of the Cute as a Dominant Aesthetic Category in Digital
Dylan E. Wittkower

Culture, Media, Globalization
Mark Poster

Barack Obama and Celebrity Spectacle
Douglas Kellner

A Short History of the Center for Digital Discourse and Culture
Jeremy Hunsinger

Digital Research and Tenure & Promotion in Colleges of Arts and
Sciences: A Thought Piece
Theodore R. Schatzki