New spate of agitational web videos

The last few weeks have seen a new spate of agitational web videos, accompanying the amazing upturn of politicking in Britain in response to the brutal, ill-considered and philistine cuts proposed by the coalition government which took office last May.


Last May, as Putney Debater noted at the time, was the first time an election in the UK had encountered Web 2.0, and ‘the intrusion of blogging, interactive amusement, social networking, twitter and user-generated content, including videos’. Surveying the trends in those election videos, I found them ‘enjoyable but mostly not very honed, either aesthetically or politically’. Which meant ‘that internet culture still has a long way to go, at least in the arena of national politics in the UK, before it moves on from reactive political agitation to a more progressive mode of active intervention.’ It is now, I think, beginning to move on.

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