New research report of the COST Action (WG4): Media, technology and the migrant family

Family research and migration research have an important but mostly separate history. Media have gradually become a central topic on both research agendas, but audience research on migrant families is still relatively scarce.

Aiming to provide reflection on this topic, the Report opens with theoretical and conceptual foundations on media and migrant families. This is followed by an analysis on recent existing research on media and migrant families, exploratory research conducted in Belgium and Bulgaria, and a systematic collection of studies considering different sources, ranging from scientific articles to TV debates on the topic of media and migrants in a broad perspective.

This output of the COST Action TATS is a preliminary work that emerged from discussions within the Working Group 4 (Audience Transformation and Social Integration). The identified connections, gaps and potentialities may be useful for exploring the potential of a cross-European and comparative project on migrant family media uses.

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