New publication COST Action Action IS0906 “Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies”

“Audience Interactivity and Participation”
Interview Essays with Civil Society Representatives
Edited by Mélanie Bourdaa, Igor Vobič and Manuel José DamásioWith the publication of this first series of essays, Working Group 2 of the Cost Action “Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies” aims to establish a dialogue with members of civil society representatives that are dealing with the notion of the audience in relation to interactivity and participation. Through these essays, members of CSOs are given the opportunity to contribute to the debates on contemporary issues concerning the audience.

“Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies” (TATS) is a large network financed by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) framework. The main objective of this network is to advance state-of-the-art knowledge of the key transformations of European audiences within a changing media and communication environment, identifying their interrelationships with the social, cultural and political areas of European societies. Within this Cost Action, Working Group 2 “Audience Interactivity and Participation” aims at looking at the possibilities and constraints of mediated public participation, the roles that new and old media institutions and professionals play in facilitating public participation and in building citizenship; the interlocking of mainstream media and non-mainstream media and their production of new hybrid organizational structures and audience participation.