New Journal: Mobile Media and Communication

Mobile Media & Communication is peer-reviewed forum for international, interdisciplinary academic research on the dynamic field of mobile media and communication. Mobile Media & Communicationdraw on a wide and continually renewed range of disciplines, engaging broadly in the concept of mobility itself.

The journal embraces both quantitative and qualitative approaches to the study of mobility in communication, but above all aims toward state-of-the-art methodology. While the center of gravity lies in social sciences and humanities, the journal is open to research with technical, economic, and design aspects, provided they help to enlighten the social dimensions of mobile communication.

Mobile Media & Communication examines the phenomenon of mobility in communication – that is, what is understood as mobile media and communication, but also emerging phenomena such as mobile and ubiquitous computing. Contributions may include, but are certainly not limited to, explorations of the following topics:

Mobile communication as an innovation, including the emergence of new usage forms, the negotiation of norms, and symbolic representation by producers and users: