Metaverse Creativity, issue 2.1

Intellect is delighted to announce the publication of Metaverse Creativity, issue 2.1
Metaverse Creativity is committed to an examination of creativity in the user defined online virtual worlds known as the metaverse. The pursuit of creative activity has become the most prevalent reason for residency in a simulated world such as Second Life®, as it is an intrinsically unstructured environment which allows for creative freedom. The journal examines artistic output within a metaverse whilst also discussing other disciplines that make up virtual worlds, such as fashion, architecture, landscaping and object design.

In this issue, Guan-Ze Liao considers how digital storytelling can create a learning environment that enables higher understanding of the scientific invention process. Stephan Glasauer, a practicing metaverse artist, explores the impact of altering virtual physical laws on the creation of artwork, while long-time resident of the metaverse Peter Hagerty shares insights into day-to-day existence in the metaverse. Glauce Rocha De Oliveira proposes that virtuality (virtual reality) is as real as real reality, challenging the mainstream notion of pre-existing realities. Sinan Büyükbaş and Kamer Ali Yüksel introduce the AVIEM project, a comprehensive study of the connections between audio, visual and the emotional in digital creation. Finally, in a collaborative report exploring the stimulation of creativity in the virtual classroom, Dean A. F. Gui, Lan Li, Dora Wong and Gigi Au Yeung utilise the findings of an empirical study of undergraduate language students who appraised the work of their peers using a custom designed showcase space on Second Life®.

Full Contents

pp. 3-5(3)
Authors: Ayiter, Elif; Sharir, Yacov
Multipath digital storytelling – a study on interaction design of the scientific invention story
pp. 7-31(25)
Author: Liao, Guan-Ze
Thinking the impossible: Synthetic physics 
pp. 33-44(12)
Author: Glasauer, Stefan
The mirror play: When virtualities become real
pp. 45-55(11)
Author: De Oliveira, Glauce Rocha
‘Good to use for virtual consultation time’: Second Life activities for and beyond the technical and web-based English writing classroom
Authors: Gui, Dean A. F.; Li, Lan; Wong, Dora; Yeung, Gigi Au
AVIEM: An audio-visual emotion library
pp. 77-95(19)
Authors: Büyükbaş, Sinan; Yüksel, Kamer Ali
The metaverse pioneers and the colonization of OpenSimulator 
pp. 97-114(18)
Author: Hagerty, Peter
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Call for papers
Metaverse Creativity welcomes articles covering a broad range of topics including, but not limited to: creative output in online virtual worlds, the Avatar, Education, Virtual culture in a broader context, the social, physical and technological infrastructure of the metaverse, historic precedents and inspirations. Please visit our call for papers page for more information: .

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Elif Ayiter
Sabanci University

Yacov Sharir 
University of Texas at Austin

Metaverse Creativity, volume 2, 2012, Published by Intellect

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