Journal of the Month – March 2011

Digital Creativity is a journal devoted to the intersection of the creative arts and digital technology. Concerned with both the practical and the theoretical, Digital Creativity offers a unique forum to researchers and practitioners involved in the interdisciplinary nature making or using digital media in creative contexts. We include such disciplines as fine art, graphic design, illustration, photography, printmaking, sculpture, 3D design, interaction design, product design, textile and fashion design, film making, animation, games design, music, dance, drama, creative writing, poetry, interior design, architecture, and urban design.

For the upcoming volumes, Digital Creativity will feature at least one special issue per year, focusing on a conference or chosen theme. Not only will this achieve a more in-depth approach to specific topics, it will also offer opportunities to a wider population of researchers, while keeping our readership to date. We are also pleased to announce plans for a special issue in honor of Digital Creativity’s founding editor, Colin Beardon. While Digital Creativity continues to forge an evolving intellectual environment to share work in the creative arts and digital technologies, this anniversary also represents an opportunity to thank the person behind the foundation of the journal, without whom this journey would have never begun.

Lone Malmborg and Julia Sussner

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