Isis International publication – Women in Action (WiA)

Converging Communications: Empowering Women, Transforming Communities

In this Women In Action (WiA), Isis explores how issues of gender based violence, migration, climate change and environmental disasters, and LGBT advocacy, among others, interplay with issues of access to and availability of information and communication technologies. It further explores how the convergence of the multitude of communication tools and strategies the use of both new ICTs and traditional media, have allowed women to take an active part in finding solutions to these longstanding problems. Through this issue, with inspiring stories from remarkable women from Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, China, Haiti, India, Thailand, Kenya, Fiji, Germany, Malaysia and Mexico, Isis International brings to light how the convergence of new ICTs with traditional communication tools has allowed women to transcend being mere recipients of information to being recognised as valuable sources of information, empowering themselves and transforming their communities.
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