GITMA 2011 Call for Participation

The Twelfth Annual Global Information Technology Management Association

Las Vegas, USA  -Conference Date: June 5 – 7, 2011


Please visit our web site ( to submit your paper or panel/workshop proposal.

This conference provides a unique opportunity to all IT educators, researchers, and

practitioners from all countries to get together to network, develop lasting relationships,

and exchange ideas. The clear strength is the international participation and the following

people should attend:

§  Educators, researchers, and practitioners from North America (including US, Mexico,

and Canada

§  Educators, researchers, and practitioners from all other parts of the world, including

developed, developing, and under-developed nations.

§  Educators, researchers, and practitioners doing work in all areas of Global IT Management

Contributions are invited for the track on:

ePolitics in a Global Context

The ePolitics in a Global Context track is inviting papers on ePolitics in various contexts and environments. E-Politcs is defined as “influence attempts facilitated by or related to electronic media or to the information technology field”. As such, ePolitics is seen as an interdisciplinary field, encompassing areas such as information systems, political science, social science, security, ethics, law, management and others.


Topics to be included in the track are:

The politics of the IT function and its role in organizations
  * The political activities of members of the IT function vis-à-vis the rest of the organization
  * Changes in the power of the IT unit as a function of the diffusion of new technologies
  * The strategies used by members of the IT unit to influence others
  * The impact of global issues such as outsourcing, downsizing, political upheavals, etc. on the political role played by the IT unit within organizations.

The politics of virtual communities
  * The use of electronic media for industrial relations and negotiations with employers
  * The use of electronic media for surveillance manipulation and harassment in commercial and non-commercial environments
  * The impact of status and authority on electronically enabled political maneuvering by management and the effects of culture, race, and gender on political activities within and between organizations.
  * The political dynamics of geographically based communities (community informatics)
  * The political dynamics of virtual communities of practice, including: learning communities, customers’ communities, eDating communities, gaming communities, support group communities, social networking communities, etc.

Party politics and social activism
  * eVoting and electronically enabled eGovernment
  * The role electronic media in political campaigns. Including their impact on political debate, information sharing, political decision making, fund raising, etc.
  * As electronically enabled party politicking is becoming a global phenomenon, the utilization of E-Politcs at all levels of governance, including the city, the state, the country and the global arenas.

All inquiries and submissions should be directed by e-mail to the attention of the track chairs Celia Romm Livermore and Pierlugi Rippa (see e-mail addresses of chairs below).

Celia Romm Livermre: <>

Pierlugi Rippa: <>

JOURNAL PUBLICATION: Papers judged as high quality by the reviewers will be further considered for publication on an expedited basis in the International Journal of ePolitics (IJEP), the Journal of Global Information Technology Management (JGITM), Journal of Information Technology Cases & Applications Research (JITCAR), and Journal of Information Privacy and Security (JIPS).  Many quality papers will be directly accepted in the journal: Communications of Global Information Technology (COGIT).

GITMA Program Chair: Dr. Paul Licker, <>, Oakland University

GITMA Conference Chair: Dr. Prashant Palvia, <>, Univ of North Carolina Greensboro

GITMA Local Chair: Dr. Mehmet Erdem, <>, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

GITMA Communications Chair: Dr. Alexander McLeod, <>, Univ of Nevada, Reno

GITMA Sponsorship Chair: Dr. Choton Basu, <>, University of Wisconsin Whitewater