Digital Culture: Innovative Practices and Critical Theories

ECREA Digital Culture and Communication 3rd Workshop Barcelona, Spain, 24-25 November 201

We invite contributions of all kinds, but suggest proposals for papers may fall into three main areas. Each relates to theories, practices and methodologies of innovation. They are:

1) Digital Media and the senses. This may include work on or related to enhanced reality, locative media and virtual worlds.

2) Creative practices and participation in new media. Here we are particularly concerned with discussing concepts of participation, co-creativity, co-design or co-innovation in creative processes involving audiences and independent creators in a wide spectrum of activities including art, photography, video, videogames.

3) Digital research and education in digital culture. This would seek to explore innovative theoretical and methodological approaches in digital media studies as well as innovative teaching tools.

The workshop develops concepts and ideas developed at the previous Digital stream workshop ‘Revisiting Digital Theories’ – our goal in exploring innovative forms of media culture is to do so within frameworks that are capable of thinking through technological and critical innovation whilst also recognizing the connection of both with earlier forms.

Keynote speakers:

Rosalind Gill, Centre for Culture, Media and Creative Industries King’s College London
Sarah Pink, Department of Social Sciences Loughborough University, Visiting Scholar IN3 Institute, UOC.


Elisenda Ardèvol – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Caroline Basset – University of Sussex
Gemma San Cornelio – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Digital Culture and Communication ECREA section

Scientific Committee:

Katlheen O’Riordan – University of Sussex
Smiljana Antonijevic – Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Bridget Wessels – Sheffield University
Alberto García – Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Antoni Roig – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Natalia Abuin – Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Micheal Bull – University of Sussex
David Berry – Swansea University
Caja Thimm – Universität Bonn
Aristea Fotopoulou – University of Sussex
Sisse Siggaard Jensen – Roskilde University
Gemma San Cornelio – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Caroline Bassett – University of Sussex
Elisenda Ardèvol – Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Please submit an extended abstract (500 words max.) by the 6th of June 2011 (and clearly stating which topic section you would like to submit this to) to:

Notification of acceptation: 7th of July