Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies

Table of Contents
August 2013; 19 (3)

Julia Knight and
Alexis Weedon
Participation that matters


Irena Reifová and
Jaroslav Švelch
Shrinking the grand narratives in theorizing participation and new media

Henry Jenkins and
Nico Carpentier
Theorizing participatory intensities: A conversation about participation and politics

Nico Carpentier,
Peter Dahlgren,
and Francesca Pasquali
Waves of media democratization: A brief history of contemporary participatory practices in the media sphere

Jakub Macek
More than a desire for text: Online participation and the social curation of content

Jaroslav Švelch
The delicate art of criticizing a saviour: ‘Silent gratitude’ and the limits of participation in the evaluation of fan translation

Sangita Shresthova
Bollywood dance as political participation? On flash mobs, new media, and political potential


Michael Schandorf
Mediated gesture: Paralinguistic communication and phatic text

Abraham Stein,
Konstantin Mitgutsch,
and Mia Consalvo
Who are sports gamers? A large scale study of sports video game players

Tanja Oblak Crnic and
Igor Vobic
Converging practices and discourses: Obstacles in production culture for interactivity in Slovenian online newspapers

Book reviews

Alec Charles
Book review: Misunderstanding the Internet

Frederick Wasser
Book review: Digital visual effects in cinema: The seduction of reality