Campaña digital contra los recortes del gobierno.

La asociación de profesores británicos del área de medios, comunicación y estudios culturales (MECCSA) hacen campaña digital contra los recortes del gobierno The Government’s proposals for the funding of Higher  Education involve the complete cutting of teaching grants for degree  courses in arts, humanities and social sciences at England’s universities.
Only STEM subjects and some modern languages are to be subsidised.

This will hit our field especially hard. Unlike STEM subjects, arts,  humanities and social science courses that like us receive Band C HEFCE  funding will under these proposals receive no government support to cover
the extra cost of the teaching we provide. Our field is already under  threat, and will become more so under these proposals.

MeCCSA has therefore prepared a campaign pack for our members. It is  available on the website, and includes sample letters to send to MPs. The  parliamentary vote on these proposals is likely to be very soon, so as  MeCCSA Chair, I urge you to take action now.

The campaign pack can be accessed at:

MeCCSA Campaign Against HE Cuts:

How you can campaign against the cuts:

Key points as of 15 November:

Summary of Browne Review:

Campaign Resources and Materials:

Sample letter to Lib Dem MP:

Letter template:

Direct link to campaign pack (word file):

Latest updates on the campaign page includes:

1. An article by Aeron Davis (Goldsmiths) from the THES 2 Dec 2010 on why Vice-Chancellors should come out in support in the campaign against the cuts.
Direct link:

2. An article by Paul Bowman (Cardiff) on Radicalising Common Sense published in Culture Machine.
Direct link:

Sobre las movilizaciones estudiantiles contra los recortes:

– Las universidades británicas en lucha por su futuro. Por Daniel Mourenza. Universidad de Leeds.

– Las universidades británicas en lucha por su futuro (II)
Los estudiantes siguen con las ocupaciones y las movilizaciones, pese al frío y los obstáculos policiales. Por Daniel Mourenza. Universidad de Leeds.