Call for Papers: «Digital media and participatory democracy: Bridging the Political Gap?»

 6th ECPR General Conference, University of Iceland, 25th – 27th Aug. 2011
Deadline for submission of paper abstracts: 1 February 2011.

Since the 1980s has been an intensive promotion of participatory experiences in different areas of the world. Some of these experiences were associated with the restoration of democracy and/or a new discourse from the left. New participative practices arise with the aim of approaching political representatives and citizens, making the politics more transparent. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have reinforced the trend with the goals of revitalizing democracy, increasing transparency in public management and spreading new political communication and participatory spaces. ICTs are facilitating participatory practices with more extense and direct information and a bigger communication between political representatives and represented. The aim of this workshop is to explore to what extent information and communication technologies facilitate participatory practices with a bigger citizen participation in the public sphere and in particular, analyse what fosters citizen e-Participation experiences promotion? Which factors determine its development? What does its functioning depends on? The panel wishes to attract empirical, comparative and also theoretical papers which deal with the issue of Information and Communication Technologies incorporation into participatory democracy.