Call for Papers Medien Journal.

Special Issue: „Changing democracy: Journalism, civic participation and ICTs“
Deadline Full Papers: June 30, 2011

This special issue of the Medien Journal, the peer-reviewed quartely journal of the Austrian Communication Association (OGK), is published on the occasion of a symposium which is jointly organized by the Euromedia Research Group, the Department of Communication and the ICT&S Center, both University of Salzburg, and open to the scientific community in the field. This issue of the journal will embrace selected papers from the symposium combined with submissions from a broader community. The topic: The latest wave of Internet development, the so-called participatory technologies, embracing user/citizen-enabling tools like wikis, blogs, social media and social networks (Web 2.0-technologies), challenge traditional forms of representative democracy, lead to a revival of ideas about a new (digital) civil society and/or to a digital public sphere. Will the hopes for a more democratic and balanced society materialize, or will those developments follow the same paths of professionalization and commercialization like many other media and communication revolutions in the past? We encourage submissions covering the broad scope from challenges for professional journalism/traditional mass media and the development of public or citizen journalism or communities/networks, diverse modes of civic participation from bottom-up and grassroots initiatives to collaborative government on open data basis, to new participatory ICT- applications and their contribution to democratization. Are participatory technologies sustainable and reliable allies in the struggle for more and better democracy? What are the social, economic, political, and technological frames and conditions for certain developments, can we observe a shift of power from the political elite to the citizen? Which capabilities are required to benefit from those developments? Which theories and methodological approaches are available to adequately inquire the reshaping of democracy by the means of participatory technologies? How can we overcome the classic shortcomings of the highly acclaimed trans-, multi-, or interdisciplinary research and move towards real disciplinary cooperation? Papers, adressing the above mentioned problems, both theoretical and empirical, are welcomed. Especially, interdsiciplinary approches,introducing diverse subjects and disciplines into the core-field of communication are appreciated.

Criteria for submissions:
•  The submitted texts must not be published in this form in other media
   (original texts only)

•  Papers are supposed to range between 3000 and 4.500 words
•  Submissions must contain a 10-lines abstract and a 3-lines
biographical note for each author
•  The formal criteria for the submission must follow APA style guides
•  Texts can be submitted in English or German language. German
texts must follow the citation guidelines published under

Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2011 Please send submissions to

Jo Trappel Dept. Of Communication University of Salzburg

Ursula Maier-Rabler ICT&S Center University of Salzburg

Manuscripts which have been submitted to Medien Journal must not be
published elsewhere until the peer-review process is finished.

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Thomas Steinmaurer