Call for papers: 6th annual international conference of the Arab-US Association of Communication Educators (AUSACE)

The Media Studies Program at the American University of Beirut is delighted to host the 16th annual international conference of the Arab-US Association of Communication Educators (AUSACE), on October 28-31, 2011. This year’s Conference theme is Digital & Media Literacy: New Directions. Deadline for abstract submission is April 15, 2011.
Mobile phones, blogs, online social networks, wikis, user-generated news, and a plethora of ubiquitous digital media have facilitated access to information; allowed people from around the globe to connect; offered enormous potential for communication about, from, and among civil society groups, democracy advocates, and political activists; and presented new possibilities for national development projects—and lately for cataclysmic public uprisings and revolutions in the Arab world.
But the potential of digital media diffusion cannot be realized if people lack the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media content. Increasingly, digital literacy and media literacy are viewed as agents for the acquisition of such skills and knowledge, and as essential components for all levels of education and every member of society.
Integrating digital and media literacy into educational curricula and public agendas will help ensure citizens, groups, and institutions are equipped with the essential analytical and communications skills required for success in the 21st century.
AUSACE 2011 conference participants are encouraged to interpret this year’s theme broadly to include new directions for media education, for national development, for democracy, for civil society, and for global engagement. AUSACE is the largest association of communication and media studies educators that brings together Arab, US, and International scholars.
Abstract submissions for research papers, panels, and poster presentations are now open.
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Deadline for abstract submission is April 15, 2011
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AUSACE 2011 Conference Chair
Jad Melki, Ph.D.

Asst. Professor of Journalism and Media Studies
Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
American University of Beirut
Beirut, Lebanon