Affective fabrics of digital cultures: feelings,technologies, politics, 3-4 June 2011,RICC – University of Manchester

Organised by Adi Kuntsman (RICC, The University of Manchester)

This two-day international conference brought into creative tension two fields that are receiving growing scholarly attention: cultural studies of affect, public feelings and the politics of emotion, on the one hand, and scholarship on digital culture, new media and information-communication technologies, on the other.

A vibrant and intense two-day encounter between scholars from different disciplines and subjects, the conference centered around the following questions: How does affect work in on-line networks and digital assemblages? What are the affective regimes of on-line sociality and of digital media use? What kind of objects and subjects circulate in and shape contemporary digital cultures? What are the structures of feeling that operate in our everyday digital life ? How do digital media shape our everyday experiences and political horizons of love, boredom, fear, anxiety, embarrassment, hate, hope?