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A Relationship between Text Message Volume and Formal Writing Performance on the SAT Writing

Brian J. Wardyga

Challenges and Opportunities in the Use of Radio Broadcast for Development in Ethiopia: Secondary Data Analysis

Jemal Mohammed

Keyboard Action End up Political Party: Understanding the Intertwining Relations of Social Media Activism, Citizenship, And the Dynamics of Democracy in Indonesia

Desideria Cempaka Wijaya Murti

Local Media and Media Convergence a Case Study of Suara Surabaya Radio as an Interactive Media

Ido Prijana Hadi

Managing Risk, Reputation and Identity of Young Adults in a Social Media Environment

Marla Koonin

Messages with Impact: Creativity in Traditional Outdoor Advertising Platforms in Castellón (Spain) and Warrington (UK)

Eva Breva Franch Chelo Balado Albiol Rutherford

New Communication Technologies and Journalism Ethics in Zimbabwe: Practices and Malpractices

Tendai Chari

The New Leader of North Korea: Comparative Coverage of Kim Jong Un By U.S., Chinese, And Japanese Newspapers

Young Joon Lim

Representation of Women in Turkish Television’s Primetime News

Funda Erzurum

Smart Choice: Smartphone Users’ Intentions to Accept Mobile Advertising

Jong-Hyuok Jung Yongjun Sung Wei-Na Lee

The Lack of Collective Memory and Identity Construction in Cyberspace

Dilek Özhan Koçak

Translating Science, Health and Technology: Reporters as Knowledge Transfer Intermediaries

Judith McIntosh White